Build and control your healthcare data platform with Tuva and avoid starting from scratch.

Hybrid: a new way to build your data platform

Leverage Tuva’s open-source data model and data pipelines to transform your claims and clinical data inside your data warehouse.

Building a world-class data platform doesn’t have to be expensive

Open Source

Stop reinventing the wheel on common data models, data marts, terminology + value sets, and data quality. 100% open-source and free to use.

Tuva Platform

Our fully-managed data platform is built around the open-source. Go from zero to best-in-class data platform in as little as two weeks.

Full control
Stop sending your data to other vendors only to be locked-in. Tuva runs natively inside your cloud data warehouse (e.g., Snowflake, Databricks, etc.), giving you complete control.
100% customizable
No data model is perfect. Tuva’s data model is completely customizable and extensible to meet the needs of your data and use cases.
Cost effective
There is no reason a data platform should cost $1-5 million per year. With Tuva, most customers save between 50-90% over their previous data platform.

Join the 1,000+ healthcare data analysts, researchers, and engineers innovating cost-effectively with Tuva

With Tuva we were able to build and operate our healthcare data platform which delivers analytics powered by multiple data sources, including claims, medical records, HIE, and ADT data, for less than the cost of a single FTE.

Masoud Nourmohammadi

Masoud Nourmohammadi

CTO at Herself Health

Reduced data platform spend

by 90% with Tuva

Generate advanced analytics in minutes, not days or weeks

See why leading healthcare organizations are using Tuva to transform their data.