We’re on a mission to accelerate the creation of high-quality healthcare research and analytics.

Our Founders

Coco (Jorge) Zuloaga

Coco has spent his career focused on healthcare data science. Prior to starting Tuva, he served as Head of Data Science for Strive Health where he oversaw all machine learning for the company. He has developed deep healthcare domain knowledge by working with a wide range of healthcare data sources to power use cases ranging from informing patient care delivery to population health to real-world evidence generation.  

Prior to Strive Health, Coco served as Head of Data Science for Big Squid, an early-stage VC-backed machine learning company. Earlier he served in lead data scientist roles at both Health Catalyst and Alliance Health.

Coco received his masters in mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Canada and his PhD in computational physics from Rice University in Houston, TX. Following his graduate work, he joined the faculty at Rice University where he taught and conducted research.

Aaron Neiderhiser

Aaron has spent his career focused on healthcare data science and data strategy.  Prior to starting Tuva he served as Senior Vice President of Technology for Health Catalyst. At Health Catalyst he was responsible for Touchstone – a data warehouse with medical records and claims data on more than 150M patients across the United States - which powered benchmarking, machine learning, and real-world evidence generation for the company. It was during this time that he came to acutely understand and appreciate the challenges involved in transforming healthcare data to enable analytics, A.I., and evidence.

Aaron began his career doing data analysis for Colorado Medicaid where he focused on a range of actuarial and population health analysis problems and helped the agency develop a comprehensive data strategy.

He completed his graduate training in economics at the University of Colorado Denver, specializing in statistical methods of causality.

Our Inspiration

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was one of the most important scientists of the 20th century, working on the Manhattan Project and receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on quantum mechanics. His goal of reaching the former Soviet Union country of Tuva before his death (chronicled in the book Tuva or Bust) is an allegory for Feynman’s life and values.
Feynman had a unique way of teaching (see the Feynman Technique) and living life, and especially practiced the following values:

Be intellectually honest

(Don't fool yourself)

Seek the truth

Be endlessly curious

Have fun

(He was a prankster)
We strive to follow these values in our daily lives and believe they hold the key to building a world-class team and organization.